Special Theme Journal Issues

From time to time each of James Nicholas Publishers’ journals in education have been devoted to special issues of significance and have been guest edited by prominent scholars from around the world. Particular journal issues also contain symposia on special themes of current importance. Interested editors of such symposia are welcome to submit their proposals to the editors. Some of the back issues containing special issues or symposia include:

Special Canadian Issue, New Education,
Vol. 5, 2, 1983
Guest edited by Nick Kach and Ivan DeFaveri, University of Alberta

Ideology, Popular Culture and Pedagogy, Curriculum and Teaching,
Vol. 3, 1988
Guest edited by Henry Giroux, Miami University and Roger Simon, OISE

Environment Education, New Education,
Vol. 11, 2, 1989-Vol. 12, 1, 1990
Guest edited by James Bowen, University of New England

Education and Social Change in Latin America, New Education,
Vol. 12, 2, 1990
Guest edited by Carlos Alberto Torres, UCLA

Education for an Emerging India, Education and Society,
Vol. 8, 1, 1990
Guest edited by C. L. Sharma, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Quality in Education, Education and Society,
vol 8, 2, 1990
Guest edited by M. Kazim Bacchus and Nick Kach, University of Alberta

Postmodernism, Postcolonialism and Pedagogy, Education and Society,
Vol. 9, 1 & 2, 1991
Guest edited by Peter McLaren, UCLA

Rethinking Hegemony, Education and Society,
Vol. 18, 2. 2000
Guest edited by Thomas Clayton, University of Kentucky
(see also Rethinking Hegemony edited by Thomas Clayton)

Affective Education in the Curriculum, Curriculum and Teaching,
Vol. 15, 2, 2000
Guest edited by Yaacov Katz, Bar-Ilan University

Centralization and Decentralization: Education and Changing Governance in Chinese Societies, Education and Society,
Vol. 19, 3, 2001
Guest edited by Joshua Ka-ho Mok

Education and Active Citizenship, Educational Practice and Theory,
Vol. 22, 1, 2000
Guest edited by Lawrence J. Saha, The Australian National University

Special Journal Symposia

Computer Education, New Education,
Vol. 7, 1985
Edited by Rea Zajda

Teacher Education, New Education,
Vol. 10, 1988
Guest edited by Nick Kach, University of Alberta

Adult Education, New Education,
Volume 13, 1, 1991
Guest edited by Frank Sofo, University of Canberra

Language Awareness, Curriculum and Teaching,
Volume 11, 2, 1996
Edited by Witold Tulasiewicz, University of Cambridge, and Joseph Zajda, Australian Catholic University

Proposals for Journal Symposia should be sent to:

The Education Editor
James Nicholas Publishers,
PO Box 244 Albert Park, 3206, Australia

e-mail: editors@jnponline.com
fax: +61 3 9699 2040
or specific journal e-mail addresses

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