James Nicholas Publishers - an international publisher of journals and books in education and social sciences.

James Nicholas Publishers celebrates over 30 years of international scholarly publishing. Based in Melbourne, Australia, James Nicholas Publishers has been an international Publisher of peer-refereed international journals in education, information technology and political science since 1978. In 1994 James Nicholas Publishers extended its operations and commenced publishing books in education and social sciences.

Our 7 flagship international scholarly journals circulate in 68 countries. The majority of our subscribers come from North America, Europe and South East Asia.

AARE Scholarly Refereed Journals Ranking for Quality and Esteem.

The 2007 AARE ranking of some 1,000 scholarly journals demonstrated that James Nicholas Publishers journals were very highly rated.

Curriculum and Teaching, in the area of ‘Pedagogy and Curriculum Theory & Practice’ was number 3 (Q score of 14.24) after Journal of Curriculum Studies (UK) and Curriculum Inquiry (Canada).

Education and Society, (Q score 14.03) was number 6 in the area of ‘Cultural Context/Sociology’, and well ahead of Sociology of Education (USA).

Educational Practice & Theory, in the area of Teaching and Teacher Education was number 10, and well ahead of European Journal of Teacher Education.

World Studies in Education, in the area of Comparative and Cross-cultural Studies was in the top 10 and well ahead of Oxford Studies in Comparative Education.

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