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Our Publishing Program

James Nicholas Publishers as an international publisher of education journals has recently commenced a book publishing program specialising in the following areas: international and comparative education, curriculum design and evaluation, educational policy and administration, sociology of education, information technology and education, environment education, political science and international relations.

The program commenced in 1994 with the publication of works in the series International Studies in Education, Society and Social Change under the general editorship of Dr Joseph Zajda, Australian Catholic University. While the Acquisition Department is interested in receiving proposals from authors for this series, suggestions for individual manuscripts are also welcome.

What to Submit

Intending authors should send to the Editors, (see below) a brief description of the work and its intended audience, its market and potential course adoption, contents page, chapter outline, manuscript length, selected sample chapters, and brief curriculum vitae.

A work that has currency, immediacy and is of demonstrable use for undergraduate or graduate courses would be particularly welcome. Such works, provided they follow the Publishers’ Guidelines for Book Authors and meet the complete criteria for acceptance, could be published within six months of receipt of the manuscript. Authors should note that we currently do not publish conference proceedings or unrevised higher degree theses.

We would be pleased to consider your proposal.

Please address all proposals or requests for a copy of the Publishers’ Guidelines for Book Publishing to:

The Acquisitions Editor

James Nicholas Publishers,
PO Box 244 Albert Park, 3206, Australia

Fax: +61 3 9699 2040

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