Political Crossroads

2 issues per year

Political Crossroads is an international forum for:

  • critical and empirical scholarship in political relations,
  • political theory,
  • economic and cultural factors affecting policy making,
  • patterns of power,
  • leadership,
  • conflict,
  • warfare and culture.

Its special areas of focus include borders, security, terrorism, problems of national identity, issues of migration and citizenship and the economics and politics of resources and trade.

From time to time the Publisher will need guest editors to edit special symposia and issues on selected themes. Contact the editor for more information.

The journal has no publication fees.

Associate Professor Joseph Zajda (Guest), Australian Catholic University
1323-5761 (print), 2201-0653 (online)

Editorial Board

  • Yaroslav Bilinsky

    University of Delaware

  • Louis René Beres

    Purdue University

  • Marshal Goldman

    Harvard University

  • Alexander Groth

    University of California, Davis

  • Leslie Holmes

    University of Melbourne

  • Robert Looney

    Naval Postgraduate School

  • Dina Rosenberg

    National Research University - Higher School of Economics

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