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An international journal in classroom pedagogy

Learning and Teaching, an international refereed journal, provides a forum for discussion and analysis of the latest educational research and perspectives on innovative approaches to classroom pedagogy, learning, and teaching in the global culture. It focuses on major models of learning and teaching, including constructivism, metacognition, social learning, critical pedagogy, reflection, multiple intelligences, motivation, classroom discrimination, collaborative group learning, equity, values education, human rights, social justice, excellence and quality in education, and democratic curriculum. The journal also offers a new dimension to cross-cultural, multi-modal, and diverse approaches to the learning and teaching process in the classroom.

Articles (3,000-5,000 words) are chosen for their originality, readability, and accessibility to wide audience, including educators, college academics, graduate students, classroom teachers, policy analysts, educational administrators, and educational researchers. In order to ensure that articles are of the highest quality they will be reviewed by at least two independent referees before acceptance for publication.

The journal has no publication fees.

Nikolai Zajda,
1832-2751 (print), 2201-0645 (online)

Editorial Board

  • Linda-Behar Horenstein

    University of Florida at Gainesville

  • Jeffrey Bloom

    Northern Arizona University

  • Laurie Brady

    University of Technology Sydney

  • Nega Debela

    Marshall University

  • David Gamage

    The University of Newcastle

  • Ann Gow

    University of Glasgow

  • Zehavit Gross

    Bar-Ilan University

  • Yaacov Katz

    Ministry of Education Culture & Sport Israel

  • Rosalind Latimer Raby

    California Colleges for International Education

  • Simon Njumbwa

    Roberts Wesleyan College

  • Indhu Rajagopal

    York University

  • Elisabeth Regnault

    Université Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg

  • Carol Anne Spreen

    University of Maryland

  • Gita Steiner-Khamsi

    Teachers College Columbia University

  • Amy Tsui

    University of Hong Kong

  • John Whitehouse

    University of Melbourne

  • Louisa Yan

    Hong Kong Baptist University

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