Curriculum and Teaching

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Curriculum and Teaching, first published in 1985, is an established, refereed international journal publishing original research from throughout the world which deals with major up-to-date issues and trends in curriculum theory and practice.

The journal uses a balanced and comparative perspective to consider curriculum design and development, evaluation, curriculum models, comparative studies in curriculum, innovation and policy, planning, and educational administration.

The journal’s object is to advance the study and development of curriculum and teaching, with a view to improving teaching and pedagogy. Curriculum and Teaching provides an impartial forum for scholars throughout the world, working in the area of curriculum studies.

Curriculum and Teaching is double blind peer reviewed.

The journal has no publication fees.

Joseph Zajda, Australian Catholic University
0726-416X (print), 2201-0602 (online)

Editorial Board

  • Michael Apple

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Yu-Wen Chou

    National Taiwan Normal University

  • Henry Giroux

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Ivor Goodson

    University of Brighton

  • Ann Gow

    University of Glasgow

  • Zehavit Gross

    University of Bar Ilan

  • Kenneth Howey

    State University of New York at Albany

  • Anne Jefferson

    University of Ottawa

  • Daniel Kallos

    University of Umeå

  • Chin-Ju Mao

    National Taiwan Normal University

  • Robert McNergney

    University of Virginia

  • Thomas Popkewitz

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Phillip Piele

    University of Oregon

  • George Posner

    Cornell University

  • David Reynolds

    University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  • William Schubert

    Beijing Normal University

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