World Studies in Education


ISSN: 1441-340X (print), 2201-0629 (online)
2 issues per year

Associate Professor Joseph Zajda, Australian Catholic University

Consulting Editors

Robert Arnove, Indiana University
Patricia Broadfoot, University of Bristol
Mark Bray, University of Hong Kong
Mark Ginsburg, University of Pittsburgh
David Phillips, University of Oxford
Carlos Torres, University of California, Los Angeles

The aim of World Studies in Education is to provide a global overview of significant international and comparative education research affecting educational institutions in the global economy. The journal which is fully refereed focuses on current and comparative educational research, ranging from international evaluations of educational systems to analysis and reviews of educational reforms, curricular innovations, educational leadership and school improvement.

By providing an informed and vibrant international education forum for educators from around the world the journal hopes to foster a better understanding of other cultures, nations and people, contributing to the collaborative and on-going quest of creating a more peaceful, tolerant and humane society.

Special Issue: Education and Social Change in the Global Age

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